Ashley’s Biography

I was born reading; or at least it feels like it. I was the kid who was reading books before entering kindergarten. Growing up my family would go to the local library at least once a week. I would get upset if my favorite books were not in. It was as if I was calling on a friend and they were not home. However, what I did not realize at the time was this allowed me to “gain more friends”, and that is exactly what I did. I would dry my tears, waltz out of there with a stack from my knees to my chin and tip toe down the steps determined not to drop a single one. Within moments of arriving home I would grab the first book and start my adventure. As time wore on the books went from “Lactus Cactus” to “The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles” and then Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series.

As I entered college reading for pleasure was often pushed aside to write that paper, study for that exam, and meet that deadline. However, when I could I would breathe in that sweet smell of freedom and loose myself on the ink laid path that twisted from page to page.  While my passion for reading has never died it has, as of late, found itself much hidden behind the dictates of adulthood. Recently I have felt it clawing at my heartstrings, urning to be rekindled. Being so I, and a few of my closest friends who share this love of books, have decided to open this part of ourselves and invite you to join us as we explore worlds, become friends with unlikely characters, and cry those sad yet joyful tears when each journey has ended.


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