Mary’s Biography

Hello! My name is Mary. I live in Northeast Indiana with my two cats: a brown tabby named Menelaus (Meno) and a black tortoiseshell named Ophelia (Ophie).

I came by my love of books honestly. My mother named me after her favorite characters in the Little House books – a series I also grew to enjoy very much. Horse themed books took up much of my early days, with Black Beauty and the works of Marguerite Henry being particular favorites. School brought many of the classics as I threw myself into the Accelerated Reader program with an alarming level of competitiveness. I remember fondly an especially harrowing race to snatch the elementary school’s only copy of Doctor Doolittle from my rival, a boy in my class. He succeeded in gaining the copy before me, but I went to the public library and secured their copy instead. (Doctor Doolittle was worth the most AR points, and to those of us who cared it was a cutthroat business.)

High school and college expanded my repertoire even more (and a degree in History and Creative Writing gave a much needed boost), but sadly these past few years have seen a steady decline in my ordinary reading habits. I hope to make a conscious effort to redeem myself, and you are invited along for the ride.


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