Marie’s Biography

On my 6th birthday I was allowed to go to the local shop alone for the first time. The shopkeeper had a small brown bag waiting for me that my dad had left with him. When I opened it, there was Kenneth Graham’s ‘The Wind in the Willows’. I loved that little hardback book and still have it, over 50 years later. I could already read well but that book, and how I got it, signalled independence for me. I knew then that wherever happened in life, I would never be alone if I had a book, and I could go anywhere and anytime, through the written word.

I learnt my first rude words when I secretly read ‘The World is Full of married Men’ aged 11 and knew I would one day travel across Europe and America after reading ‘Great Railway Journeys of the World’. I’ve done both, by train, plane, hitchhiking and driving myself. I always had a book with me. I lead a very busy life now, working an average 65 hour week, but always have a pile of books standing by.

So let’s go on those independent journeys together. I look forward to hearing about your life changers and the stories that just bring you comfort.


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