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Christmas Gift Ideas For Bibliophiles

Ladies: Book Purse!Complete your bibliophile style with a purse made from a book cover. Book Coaster! Who said all coffee table books had to be readable? Library Card Art! Note your most memorable dates in true bookworm fashion! Book Bracelet! Wear your heart on your sleeve and your favorite book on your wrist! Comfy shirt!…… Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas For Bibliophiles


Love in the Time of Cholera – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I came into Love in the Time of Cholera with a preconceived notion of what the plot would be: some sort of The Fault in Our Stars before tragic romance was cool. (Any offense to Hank Green fans unintentionally meant.) But predictable love stories dripping with emotional red flags have never been my thing. I…… Continue reading Love in the Time of Cholera – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Suspenseful and Sinister Autumn Reads

I am not really one for horror stories, but I do love a good suspense and the occasional “spooky” read. As Halloween is creeping up I thought I would share my top thirteen Autumn – esk reads in hopes that you might enjoy them too. For younger readers: The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – Charles…… Continue reading Suspenseful and Sinister Autumn Reads

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Rasputin: A Short Life – Frances Welch

I picked this book up for a variety of reasons. One: I have a degree in Russian History focusing on Imperial Cultural and Intellectual history. Two: Having taken several classes on Russian history I have found that while Rasputin is mentioned he always appears as a side note and this has left me wondering what…… Continue reading Rasputin: A Short Life – Frances Welch